Weekly project updates: TwelveFold auction, Mirror's Subscribe to Mint,etc
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1. PancakeSwap announces launch of V3 on BNBChain link

PancakeSwap will launch PancakeSwap V3 on BNBChain in the first week of April 2023, which will offer several new features including better liquidity, more favorable transaction fees, trading rewards, and optimized yield farming experience. In addition, more features are planned to be launched for PancakeSwap V2 on Aptos and Ethereum.

2. Lido’s weekly summary

a. Lido’s LDO token sinks 10% following SEC rumors link

Lido’s LDO token tanked 10% following a rumor the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) served the largest Ethereum staking service with a Wells Notice. A Lido spokesperson declined to comment on whether the protocol had received a notice.

b. Lido temporarily halts Polygon staking and withdrawals link

On March 7, Lido tweeted: Lido on Polygon staking + withdrawal functionality has been temporarily paused for troubleshooting due to the discovery of a bug affecting stMATIC withdrawals. All funds are safe and deposits and withdrawals will resume in the next few days. When normal operation resumes, retroactive rewards will be distributed.

c. Lido proposal for V2 upgrade passes link

On March 8, the Lido proposal for the upgrade of V2 version has been approved. The V2 upgrade will include support for Ethereum withdrawals and the introduction of a Staking Router modular architecture. According to the proposal, if it is passed, Lido plans to conduct testing on the Goerli test network from March 7th to 31st. The deployment of the V2 version on the mainnet will depend on the Ethereum Shapella upgrade time and the completion of the audit.

d. Lido launches wstETH on Polygon link

Lido launched on the Polygon network on Thursday. Users can now bridge Lido’s Wrapped Staked Ether (wstETH) onto the Polygon network. The popular DeFi protocols Kyber, Balancer, and Beefy Finance will offer liquidity incentives for wstETH markets on Polygon.

3. Primacy Pools v0 goes live on Optimism link

On March 6, @ameensol, an early contributor to Tornado Cash, tweeted that the forked mixing application Primacy Pools v0 is now live on Optimism. He also noted that this is experimental code that has not yet been audited. MolochDAO is planning to provide further funding for future development.

4. Solana’s weekly summary

a. Lending protocol Solend releases a whitepaper for V2 link

On March 6th, Solend, a lending protocol on the Solana blockchain, released a whitepaper for Solend V2 aimed at reducing risks and improving decentralization. Solend V2 will be released in the coming months and will include features such as protected collateral, TWAP oracle, borrow weights, etc.

b. Solana NFT trading platform Tensor’s trading volume surged to 31,446 SOL link

Solana NFT trading platform Tensor announced a $3 million financing and launched a multi-phase airdrop incentive. On March 7, Tensor’s trading volume surged to 31,446 SOL, with over 3.2k traders, both setting historical highs. In addition, Tensor also launched a user market-making function, allowing for market-making fees to be set between 0–25%.

c. Blockasset Athlete NFTs expand beyond Solana to Chiliz sports platform link

Athlete NFT platform Blockasset announced that it is expanding beyond its original home of Solana for Chiliz Chain 2.0, the new Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible Layer-1 blockchain from sports fan token firm Chiliz. Alongside the expansion, Blockasset will receive an equity investment from Chiliz, which owns the Socios fan token and rewards platform.

5. Fantom mainnet releases go-opera version 1.1.2-rc.5 link

Based on their internal testing, this upgrade brings the following benefits: P2P and events/blocks processing is significantly improved, resulting in an approximately 30% improvement for events/blocks processing time. Genesis file processing is up to 3 times faster (except for archive genesis files). Searching logs is now 5 times faster, and each log search should take only 1/5 of the time it took before.

6. Ethereum Name Service unveils subdomain feature link

Ethereum Name Service (ENS), the issuer of .eth domains, plans to release a major new feature which will enable holders to create subdomains with pre-specified parameters. ENS’s name wrapper smart contract will convert existing ENS domains into ERC-1155 tokens, which can then be used to create subdomains.

7. Avalanche’s weekly summary

a. Avalanche-based DeFi project Trader Joe launches on the BNB Chain link

On March 7, the Avalanche-based DeFi project Trader Joe launched on the BNB Chain, introducing the concentrated liquidity AMM “Liquidity Book” to the BNB Chain ecosystem.

b. Avalanche named exclusive blockchain partner of e-sports team TSM link

Avalanche replaced FTX and reached a cooperation agreement with the North American e-sports team TSM, as its exclusive blockchain partner, with an undisclosed amount of sponsorship. Blitz, the company’s gaming app with 30 million users, will be built on an Avalanche Subnet. TSM previously reached a $210 million naming rights deal with FTX, the largest deal in esports history, and the partnership has been canceled after the FTX CRASH.

c. Proposal to deploy Uniswap V3 on Avalanche to be put to on-chain vote link

On March 10, the proposal to deploy Uniswap V3 on Avalanche was published on the chain, with on-chain voting to open on March 12 and end on March 17. Prior to this, the proposal had passed the Temperature Check.

8. Polygon’s weekly summary

a. Compound III has been deployed to Polygon link

Users can now use WETH, WBTC, and MATIC as collateral to borrow USDC, with market-leading efficiency.

b. Convex expands to Polygon link

On March 9, Convex Finance, a one-stop platform for CRV staking and liquidity mining, announced its launch on Polygon. The process of providing liquidity and staking on Convex is the same as on Ethereum, with initial pools for Polygon including TUSD+amDAI+amUSDC+amUSDT, among others.

c. Polygon Labs partners with AQUA, a gamer-focused Web3 marketplace link

AQUA’s recently announced Embedded Marketplace solution, which allows players to transact in secondary NFT sales entirely within a game’s client or hub, is one area of cooperation. Starting this month, games from the Polygon ecosystem can receive further support on the AQUA.xyz marketplace with a goal of adding 15 titles by year end.

9. Decentralized content platform Mirror launched new function Subscribe to Mint link

In order to mint NFTs, a collector needs to subscribe to a creator’s Mirror publication with their email, bootstrapping a communication channel for creators to engage collectors on a recurring basis.

10. NFT’s weekly summary

a. Amazon to launch its NFT platform on April 24 link

The American giant is getting ready to sell NFTs on its website. About fifteen collections will be available from the launch. The launch of Amazon Digital Marketplace has been postponed twice in recent weeks due to the collapse of FTX. April 24 now seems to be the date, barring any new exceptional event.

b. OKXNFT announces the launch of the first Bitcoin Ordinal NFT collection link

OKXNFT maketplace announced the launch of the first Bitcoin Ordinal NFT collection. Use ETH or other ERC20 tokens to place orders or trade BTCNFT. OKX said that the BTCNFT listed is a real NFT that has been verified by OKX, and can be withdrawn to the BTC wallet through EmblemVault.

c. Yuga Labs announced the end of the BTCNFT TwelveFold auction link

The top 288 bidders will receive inscriptions within a week. The highest bid was 7.1159 BTC, or about $159,600; the lowest was 2.2501, or about $50,400.

d. Mocaverse, Animoca Brands’ NFT project, opened its mint link

On March 7, Mocaverse, an NFT project under Animoca Brands, opened its mint for a 24-hour period at a price of 0.138 ETH. The total supply of Mocaverse is 8888.

e. Getty Images to release first NFTs from archives with Candy Digital link

Photography giant Getty Images is making rare photos available to individual collectors in NFT form for the first time. Photographs from its 1970s music and culture collection will be part of the offering via a partnership with NFT platform Candy Digital, according to a company release. As part of the launch, Candy Digital is also set to give away a free introductory NFT between March 7 and March 15.

f. Starbucks releases its first paid NFT collection, the Siren Collection link

On March 10th, Starbucks released its first paid NFT collection, the Siren Collection, with a mint price of $100 and a quantity of 2,000. It sold out within 18 minutes, with the floor price exceeding $600 at one point. The Siren Collection is based on artistic renditions of the Siren emblem, and buyers receive 1,500 points upon purchase. Additionally, Starbucks has planned coffee-related podcast events and other activities to increase interaction with its members.

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